DSNT003 – JoeFarr, Truss & Tessela


Within a week of premiering on Mixmag, “Tape 7″ had picked up over 16,000 thousand plays. The first track from JoeFarr’s upcoming “DMF” EP, “Tape 7″ is an imaginative techno-infused stomper of rare quality, serving to heighten anticipation for the release of the upcoming EP. Turbo Recordings alumnus JoeFarr has hooked up with emerging label DSNT for the release of his ‘DMF’ EP, which is set for release in late October/early November. The EP will feature releases from fellow shining lights Truss and Tessela, further cementing this as an important release.
UK producer JoeFarr released his debut EP “On Further Inspection” via Turbo Recordings in late 2012, gaining the acclaim of Dave Clarke, Ivan Smagghe, Dexter, Bok Bok & Slam. His association with Turbo’s growing “New Jack Techno” roster saw his follow up EP “Clock” released this June, as well as remixes for Zombie Nation & Tiga. Moving forward, JoeFarr will be releasing further remixes for Attaque, Shadow Dancer & Housemeister, as well as a highly anticipated release on Hypercolour.
Fast growing new label DSNT have a unique vision. The label merge together a distinctive approach toward music, fashion and film to create a brand that is very much on the up. JoeFarr is the next release from the label, and one that we expect to shine a light on this exciting group.

So yeah, we have a new release coming up, featuring 4 big tracks, two JoeFarr originals and 2 remixes from Truss & Tessela.

Here is a sneaky preview of Tape7 which premiered on mixmag and has now gathered over 18k hits

Here are a few selected quotes.

“A bumping, grinding, acid-flecked piece of 4/4 thunder, it ticks all the boxes if you like your dance music a little feisty. Solid indeed.” – Mixmag
“GNARLY DUDE !!!!!!!! heavy heavy!” – Dj Skirt
“This is ace, loving Tessela’s mix especially, cheers!” - Bleaching Agent
“Easily my favourite DSNT release so far, the originals are strong but the remixes really take things a step further. The whole EP is great but Truss’ remix is the one that has been causing ‘WTF?’ moments in each of my sets over the last few months” – Perc

Joe..got to make this quick as the cops have been chasing me for the last 30 minutes. After you tracks started playing I literally blacked out and traveled to about 3 warehouse parties in the span of minutes. I’m sitting here coved in sweat and grime from losing my shit in front of the speakers that were pounding these tracks you sent over. When they ended, the cops had flipped the lights on and I smashed the bulbs out to plunge the room into darkness and fired up the songs again while pushing the police out the door. I thought they were using a battering room to smash their way back in, but it was your track knocking the speaker cones against me. I took off in the rain with them in pursuit and my motorized trike was able to narrowly elude them. So yeah..I’m a mess here now, but what a ride. Really happy you sent those over because I’m turning on the gear to write which is always the sign I’ve just been listening to some wild stuff. Inspired like a skate session with friends. Pushing. You’ve got top skills and ..Arghhhhh it is the cops caught up to me. *silence* - Paul Birken
Raw analog techno jams! strong package all round, the originals and remixes are all of the highest quality, full support - AnD

Below is a video which premiered on the Vice networks Thump.

We also have a sick t-shirt collaboration between DSNT & HOOD BATS – See above artwork, pictures coming soon…
We will also be celebrating the release with our good mates Ackright on halloween night! Click on the image below for more info!

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